Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2007


Audio Kinesis speakers
Audio Kinesis makes these speakers. Obviously, with such a nice big enclosure, the bass response will be very good. The top driver is actually the tweeter, in a horn configuration. This improves the sensitivity, so they can be driven by small amplifiers, typically tubes. In this case, however, the Atma-sphere tube amps are not that small.

Avalon Acoustics speakers
I have always admired the aesthetics of Avalon Acoustics speakers, such as those shown here. There is something about the geometry of the front baffle that is very appealing. PS Audio supplied the amplifier.

Peak Empress Signature speakers
Peak Empress Signature speakers. Notice the similarity of the baffle to the Avalon Acoustics speakers on the previous page. In this case, the woofer also has a geometrically-shaped region.

Vandersteen 5A speakers
Vandersteen 5A speakers were being driven by Ayre KXR preamplifier and power amplifiers in this room.

Bastanis Apollo speakers
Bastanis Apollo speakers ($21,000/pair) received their signal from these single-ended 845 tube amplifiers. Again, a turntable is the source. The speakers are very sensitive, which is what you need with an amplifier that only has one output device.

Aspara HL-1 speakers
These Aspara HL-1 speakers are a horn design, which gives them high sensitivity. The stereo amplifier uses 845 output tubes. Another turntable for the source (anyone seeing a pattern here?)

TW Acustic turntable
Here's a close-up of the turntable (TW Acustic - $20,000). Notice that there are four tone arms. I thought this might just be for demonstration purposes, but no, you can purchase it this way so that you can use different cartridges for various sound characteristics.

Tri tubes and MicroPure speakers
Japanese audiophiles love tubes, and these are made by Tri, which is the Triode Corporation of Japan. The speakers are by MicroPure.

Laufer Teknik planar speakers
Here is an example of a setup that would probably be very spouse-approved, and manufacturers are thinking about this now. They are getting away from everything being black. Laufer Teknik planar speakers.

wood speakers
Then again, maybe I spoke too soon. "Honey, do you want me to put these on either side of the stove, or next to the dining room table?" Obviously designed for sound quality only. Never mind the spouse. If you are a bachelor, no problem. Otherwise, get extra life insurance on the way home from the hifi showroom.

I am sure these are fine speakers, but c'mon guys, make them attractive. If you must have the round driver enclosures, put them inside a tall rectangular box covered with that beautiful wood you have at the bottom of these speakers.

Lambda 2
PS Audio is coming out with this new CD transport, called the Lambda 2. It will not have any jitter at all due to the fact that it uses a CD-ROM drive, which outputs the data stream directly. The clocking is all done in the output stage.