Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2007


7 watt Class A triode tube amps
Long before Klipsch started making mass market speakers, they built these very high end horn speakers. The sensitivity is so high (well over a hundred), it takes only a few watts to drive them, so 7 watt Class A triode tube amps would work fine. Back in those days, amplifiers were not very powerful anyway, and in early movie theaters, the amplifiers only had a few watts.

Atma-sphere amps
In this case, they were using amplifiers more in the 50 to 200 watt range, made by Atma-sphere.

TriPlanar mechanism
As you will see in the other RMAF photos, turntables are still very much a part of high end audio. Here is a close-up of the mechanism that controls a turntable arm. It is all hand made. Each part is machined to fit the other parts. Tremendous precision. An instrument rather than just a hifi component. TriPlanar is the manufacturer here.

Audio Magic Cables flat conductor
Flat conductors are being used by a number of cable manufacturers, such as this one from Audio Magic Cables. The conductors here are pure silver, so as you can imagine, they are expensive at $5,500 for a two-meter pair of speaker cables.

As I mentioned, turntables are still a big thing, and what do you need to use them? Plenty of vinyl. Even with my 17mm lens, I could not get the complete row of LPs that were for sale here. Typical price was about $40 per LP.

Lucid exhibit
What interested me here, at this exhibit by Lucid, was the three-speaker enclosure underneath the Lucid name. These are designed to go on the wall underneath flat panel TV displays. Now that CRT TVs are pretty much gone, we will see more and more of this kind of speaker on the market.

Be718 bookshelf speakers
Usher showed off their new Be718 bookshelf speakers with beryllium dome tweeters. My initial impressions are that they have an amazing amount of fine detail.

close-up of the Be718
Above is a close-up of the Be718. Also, click here to see a high definition (1920x1080) video of Usher's PR representative, Jonathan Scull, talking about this new design. Remember, these are high def files and will take two minutes to load the buffer into your player before it will play.

Oracle Audio components
These components from Oracle Audio, including the turntable, all have machined thick aluminum chassis. In spite of aluminum being a light weight metal, you will need a strong rack to hold them. Oh, and they sounded terrific too.

Acoustic Systems speakers
I have a feeling that the person who designed these speakers from Acoustic Systems likes deep bass. The other components are by AMR.