CES 2011-Full Coverage


Stephen Hornbrook - Final Impressions

Now that I have returned home, i can finally look back at everything I saw in Vegas. Where as the 2010 show was all about new innovative 3D products, 2011 was all about iterative products. I did not see anything conceptually new on the main show floor. All the major AV companies attempted to show off glasses free 3D displays, but I personally felt those were just a joke. Otherwise everything was just new and revised. But one thing is for sure, all the HDTV's were better. 3D quality was much improved since last year, offering much less crosstalk and flicker.  I still love the Panasonic plasma's and the new GT30 and VT30 models are gorgeous. I think it is by far the best cabinet design to date on a Panny.  The Samsung and Sony models looked great, but LG offers some of the best calibration tools available. Also LG took a more costly (for them) approach to 3D with passive 3D glasses. This technology is more expensive to integrate into a display than the active shutter technology.  But it looked great and allows for cheap glasses. So at least everyone at your superbowl party can enjoy 3D. 

If you will be in the market for a new TV this year, you will have plenty to look forward to. Image quality has never been better. 

Wireless technology for DLNA or Apple's AirPlay is quickly becoming a standard in TV's, Blu-ray players, and receivers. Why you need it in every device is beyond me, but its a wonderful feature as most people have broadband internet. 

below are a few more pictures I took.

Samsung Booth


..can't wait for Uncharted 3! looked really good in 3D

Killzone 3 looked cool as well. 

Some other stuff from the show..