CES 2011-Full Coverage


Introduction to the CES 2011 - Stephen Hornbrook Show Coverage

Oppo BDP-95! this was the only place to see it at CES. can't wait for this beauty.

Toshiba's lineup featured better 3D performance with less cross talk, and lots of network enabled features, including the ability to play movies with just about any codec off a USB stick.  They had a glasses free set as well, but it was not very impressive (NONE of the glasses free sets were good)


Monster had a sweet custom Audi, earbuds galore, and a new iPod dock Speaker system that totally slams. 

Big Brother Fans will understand this..

Mitsibishi was still going with larger size rear projection 3D sets using DLP chips. The demo I saw had very little crosstalk. could have a bit better contrast and brightness thought. 

Energy has a new, affordable sound bar /sub package coming soon, that should actually sound good, unlike some of the cheap options available.  Also a new flagship Veritas on the way that will be the best sounding Energy speaker to date. Design is very clean.

Klipsch was showing off their new Gallery Series, which is a slim wall mount speaker. Lots of versatility, good looks, big sound. They will be available in black or white, with options for screen art to blend into living room decor. The also have a cool wireless sub.

This is wireless device for the Subwoofer. 

I call him Sarlock Winterfire.


Yes, I watch Attack of the Show and this was an awesome moment for me. My life will never be the same. To even imagine if it were Olivia Munn.. well I say good sir. magical. 

I got to check out the lastest music servers from Olive this morning, and I have to say, I was impressed.  full 24bit 192 FLAC support, easy to use, and great sound. the 06HD does not mess around! fully balanced twin Burr Brown PCM 1792 DACS, ultra low jitter master clock, 2TB hard drive holding about 6000 CD's in lossless FLAC codec, cold plated Neutrik XLR connectors and a high-precision linear power supply. 

They also offer a lower end 03HD and 04HD.

Some shots of the internals..

Panasonic had a gazillion 3D plasmas. The new GT30 and VT30 look incredible. right down to the sleeker cabinet design which is incredibly thin compared to last years model.  3D quality was even better, but overall image quality was just amazing. They had some random booth babes, and quite a few interactive 3D camera/display demos.


Camera Peeps - I tried on a sweet 135mm lens from Canon. droool

Man, this place is a zoo! Got up early this morning and headed over to the Encore Wynn Hotel for an exclusive look at whats ahead from the Samsung LCD panel division.  Samsung has some very cool stuff in the pipeline. 

What you are looking at here is a transparent LCD panel. there is a physical model town sitting in a box behind that display. The effect is very cool, almost like there is a thin film over the window.  The display is also touch sensitve which leads to a very rewarding, interactive experience. pull up the weather, stocks, recipies, or just watch TV. It's different, but very cool and something i wouldnt mind in my kitchen someday.

They were also featuring a new kind of panel, called PLS, which allows for large viewing angles, high resolution (27" model is 16:9 2560x1440) and very low power consumption.

Also using the new PLS technology were some beautiful smaller panels meant for tablets.

On the TV front, Samsung was featuring a new 3D technology using passive glasses and what they call and active retarder. How it works? I'm not sure, but there was a lot less crosstalk and flicker and the 3D passive 3D glasses are cheap. Looked very nice.

The LG Booth was as outrageous as ever. LCD's everywhere. they were handing out passive 3D glasses as you walk in, so that everyone could experience their flicker-free 3D.  I will say, the 3D has definitely improved over last year's model. Less crosstalk, less flicker, sharper, and brighter. 

They even had a non-glasses 3D display using parallax barrier.  It sort of works.  The image wasnt really much sharper than my shaky picture. Also, they were playing Garfield the movie, so -2 points.

84" ultra definition

LG's latest HTIB systems have upgraded speakers, they look very nice.

3D projectors, they had a demo room setup (passive glasses) it looked very good, close to what you see with RealD at the theater.

Expandable wall panels are popular.

Some demos of their LED LCD technology. yay IPS!!

Stay tuned!! more to come