CES 2010-Full Coverage


Introduction to the CES 2010 - Cynthia Johnson, Managing Editor Reports - Day 1

Well the swine flu has not kept the crowd away at CES. I chatted with a CES groupie who just flew in from Paris...are you kidding me? A group behind me on the shuttle bus heard that the hotels were almost full vs being down 40% last year. Recession or not, the audiophile industry is climbing back up as people are staying in more and enjoying their home theater systems more and more.

The following are some photos taken at 9:30 am right before the show floor opened...

Earthquake was the first booth on the floor in the South Hall. I knew it was Earthquake, from the rumble, even before I saw the guys. Busy as usual, I was able to grab a few photos of their gear along with the typical Earthquake sub-bumping car….pretty spectacular!

Marvel was my next stop to present them with the Secrets of Home Theater Best of 2009 Award for High Definition Video Processing Technology.

Now it is off to SVS to see what those guys are up to.....lots of great stuff I hear!! Then off to see the all of the folks from Thiel. Last stop tonight....Paradigm!!

Not wasting anytime here so I jammed over to The Embassy Suites to meet up with SVS. CEO, Ron Stimpson, and Ed Mullen, VP/COO (previously a Senior Editor for Secrets), were more than happy to show me some of their new goodies. The BOS-TA1 is a 7.1 channel amplifier priced around $1000 that actually exceeds the power of most AV receivers- 250W, 4 0hm (stereo- 150 watt, 8 ohm) This is definitely an item to go on your wish list for Christmas 2010!

Last year I saw the Artisan In-Wall Speaker systems as a prototype….now they are in full production swing and its ‘spouse approved”! They are removable speaker art with magnetic retainers that can be mounted In-wall or On-wall with easy installation. We are talking speakers and subwoofers that are ‘hidden’ by your choice of artwork. Shipping Spring 2010.