CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Coverage


Robert Kozel, Senior Editor Reports

The summer has flown by and it's once again time for CEDIA. This year's show is back in Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. The convention center is known for it's trademark blue bear which looks in the windows.

Today was a setup day for the exhibitors which means the show floor was not open, but there was a press preview event in the afternoon that was attended by some of the exhibitors. My first stop was at GoldenEar Technology. Here is Sandy Gross, the founder of GoldenEar Technology, with the new SuperCinema 3D Array XL. It retails for $1,499 and will be available in 2014. The center section of the array is similar to the SuperSat 60.

Here is the beautiful Steinway Lyngdorf S-15 speaker. It comes in a variety of custom colors and starts at $2,600. The S-15 is sold as part of a complete system in stereo or muti-channel configurations. Complete stereo systems start around $22k and includes all components.

Lyngdorf is relaunching their audio brand and is showing their new TDAI-2170 integrated stereo amplifier. It is a fully digital amplifier and includes RoomPerfect room correction. It has optional HDMI modules with support for ARC and CEC and offers an optional USB input for streaming audio. Retail price on the basic version is $3,990 and fully configured it retails for $4,990. The volume control is unique in that it does not attenuate the input signal but rather adjusts the power to the output stage. This allows the amplifier to process the full scale audio throughout the signal path.

GTL Sound Labs was showing off the AE963 in-wall speaker. A pair of these weigh 48 lbs.

For those lucky enough to have a private theater in their own residence, Prima Cinema offers a solution for watching current theatrical releases in the comfort of your own home. The server itself is $35k and a movie is $500 for a 24 hour rental. The movie content is downloaded to the server and the customer only pays if they watch the movie. It is only sold to private residential home theater customers with at least a 100" screen and no more than 25 seats. That amounts to $20 per person for you and 24 of your friends to enjoy the latest movie. You get to make your own popcorn.

Autonomic is showcasing their MAS-8 Mirage Audio System. The system is a finalist in the best new product category at CEDIA 2013. The MAS-8 combines an MMS-5A, five source audio server, with an M-800, eight room digital amplifier, for a complete in-home media server solution. The system is also available with a four room amplifier for smaller installations.

This is the SSP 7 from StormAudio. It retails for $9,100 and supports 7+1 channels. It is a 3D audio and 3D video surround processor supporting Auro-3D three dimensional sound processing. The SSP 7 is capable of independently managing 4 subwoofers and is the smaller version of the 16 channel SSP 16-3D which retails for $13K. StormAudio is a French manufacturer based in the Loire Valley.

The CEDIA event also showcases many products designed for custom installation. One such product is the StealthStream 1 from a new company called TiO (Turn it On). The StealthStream 1 is an amplified in-wall audio zone player that can be installed in place of an existing in-wall volume control. The streaming player can receive power from an ethernet connection or by using a power adapter connected to the existing home-run speaker wires that were previously used to send an audio signal to the volume control. The speakers that had been connected to the volume control are then connected directly to the StealthStream 1. The device supports WiFi, Ethernet and optical inputs, and can be easily controlled from a tablet based application. TiO currently supports Android tablets but expects to support iDevices in the future.

The advent of the 4K Ultra televisions is also sparking innovation in the custom installation market. Kordz was showing their new NEO-S3 double-ended dongle pairs which allow a new or existing long-length passive HDMI cable to support 4K UltraHD. The product supports existing cable lengths of up to 65 feet / 20m and up to 98 feet / 30m with a Kordz NEOlink cable. The NEO-S3 is a finalist for best new product at the show. Since 4K is best appreciated on a large screen, Kordz is expecting the NEO-S3 to come in very handy for projector installations. A pair of the dongles retails for under $400.

The show floor opened this morning and my first stop was the Anthem and Paradigm booth. Anthem was showing the updated line of MRX receivers which are the MRX 710 which retails for $1,999, the MRX 510 which retails for $1,599 and the MRX 310 which retails for $1,199. All three feature a new version of Anthem Room Correction called ARC 1M which connects via Ethernet. The new room correction process is now significantly faster since a serial cable is no longer used and ARC 1M includes before and after comparison graphs. The software also shows the corrections that were made at each measurement position. All three models feature 4K upscaling and pass-through. All three models offer IP and serial control and will have Android and Apple control apps.

The MRX 710 and the MRX 510 are 7 channel receivers and include 7 HDMI inputs plus a front-panel input. Both are expected this November. Here is the MRX 710

and here is the MRX 510.

The MRX 310 is a 5 channel receiver with 7 HDMI inputs. It will be available in February of 2014. Here is the MRX 310.

Paradigm was showing the third generation of the CS series in-wall/in-ceiling speakers called the CS Series v.3. The speakers do not have a bezel and the grill is held in place with magnets. The speakers feature a Glass-Reinforced ABS Baffle (GRAB) and have ABS mounting clamps which provide strength and the right amount of flex during installation. The design is intended to make it easier for installers to mount the speakers. The speakers also have pocketed screw holes which help hold the drill in place simplifying installation.

Paradigm was showing the Soundtrack 2 System which includes a powered soundbar and wireless subwoofer that features Bluetooth and aptX streaming technologies. It now includes a larger remote which Paradigm says is easier to use and program. It retails for $899

Paradigm was also showing an updated Millenia CT called the CT v.2. The updated system includes a new input module which now decodes Dolby. It also supports Bluetooth with aptX and AVRCP and A2DP. It also includes an updated remote. The Millenia CT v.2 retails for $849 and is expected in Q1 of 2014.

Martin Logan was showing their new Motion SLM XL. The speaker can be used as a flat on-wall or on-shelf speaker. It is intended for use with 65+ inch televisions. It retails for $699.95 each.

Martin Logan was also showing the new Balanced Force 212 subwoofer. It features dual 12-inch aluminum cone woofers and two 850 watt amplifiers. It is available in a variety of finishes and starts at $3,995. The clear top is only used for the display model to show off the internals.

Martin Logan was also showing this stereo speaker. It supports AirPlay and Bluetooth and will offer 100W (140W peak) total system power. It will be available in gloss black and walnut. Price is yet to be determined but it will ship in early 2014.

GoldenEar Technology was demonstrating their new Invisa HTR 7000 in-ceiling speakers. This was the first time that I can recall listening to a demo in one of the temporary listening rooms where the speakers were actually mounted in the ceiling. The Invisa HTR 7000 sounded great and they created a large soundstage. They can be an ideal solution for someone wanting great sound while discretely hiding the speakers away in the ceiling. They can also be used for side and rear surround channels.

Here is Sandy Gross, founder of GoldenEar Technology, with the new Invisa HTR 7000.

Earthquake was showing off prototypes of their new monitors. Pricing and availability are yet to b determined.

The Earthquake product line was on display.

PSB Speakers was showing their new SubSeries 100 compact powered subwoofer. It offers 50W continuous power and 100W peak. It retails for $249 and is a perfect fit with the Alpha PS1 powered 2-way desktop speaker system which retails for $299.

NAD was showing off their first headphone offerings. The VISO HP20 are in-ear headphones which retail for $169. The VISO HP50 are over-ear headphones which retail for $299.

Over in the NAD booth there was also a display for wireless audio products from BlueSound. I asked for details and was told that BlueSound is an entirely new brand that will be launching sometime in October. Product details will be announced at the brand launch.

At first glance these looked like they belonged at a monster truck show, but they are really Sonance subwoofers that are designed to be installed into your backyard landscape. The small fixtures that look like spot lights are small satellite speakers.

The show was consistently busy throughout the day with a steady crowd everywhere I went. The Crestron booth was once again the largest at the show.

CEDIA is a great place to see custom products including these incredible speakers from California Audio Technology. This is the Sequoia which weighs 758 pounds and costs $158K per speaker.

If you can't have two of the Sequoia speakers in your room, you can opt for an in-wall version. The three speakers on the left side of this picture are the in-wall equivalent of the Sequoia and are $42K per channel. The three huge speakers on the right are subwoofers which retail for $18K each.

California Audio Technology was also showing their power amplifiers. The amp on the left is the 300.8 SE which provides 300W x 8 channels and retails for $14,800. The amp on the right is the 1200.2 FDXPR which provides 1200W x 2 channels in a fully balanced design providing extreme power reserve. It also uses optical clip limiting circuitry. It retails for $29,500.

Krell had the Evolution 707 3D on display. It comes in an 8.4 channel configuration which features 2 center channels and 4 subwoofer outputs. It supports HDMI 1.3 and provides 3D passthrough. It retails for $31,500.

Focal was showing how their innovative Flax sandwich driver is constructed. The informational display states that "Flax combines the three key factors required of the core of a sandwich material for loudspeakers: it has low density, a high tensile (Young's) modulus of elasticity of up to 60GPa, and excellent internal damping." The layer of flax is sandwiched between two layers of very thin glass.

Here are the Flax sandwich drivers in the Focal Aria 900 speakers.

That's all for today. Much more to come.