CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


Earthquake and Guitammer were at the show this year and displaying some of their popular products. I've always been a fan of shaker devices. I got a firsthand demonstration of the power of Earthquake's shaker named the "10.0 MK2". I stood on the platform it was attached to for about thirty seconds. The amount of shake was truly impressive.

Guitammer showed off their new leather couch line called "Private Collection" which had the popular "Buttkicker" shaker built in. These include a remote control thats used to adjust the amount of vibration delivered. They were comfortable and added excitement to the "Transformers" movie demo being played.

It was time for everybody to get a much needed Oxygen break so they could get back to all the products on the show floor.

Meridian showed off the P series of In-wall speakers. These have a couple of installation options including surface and flush mounting. Metal-cone bass drivers and a wide-dispersion horn-loaded ribbon tweeter are used. Exquisite.