CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


Polk Audio showed off their line of DSW subwoofers that had built in room consideration software. There are four different sizes available here ranging from discrete to hefty. The spousal approval factor varies here as well.

Polk Audio showed off their new Surround Bar 360. This uses a proprietary receiver unit and the single bar speaker that mounts under the display. Very discrete and very cool. MSRP $1199.

Podspeaker, a line of speakers from Denmark manufacturer Scandyna, told me the story of how their "Minipod" speaker was a Bowers and Wilkins product first and then it was later adopted by Scandyna. It looks like they have built on the theme and developed a whole line of speaker products.

Here's another example of the Podspeaker style. The "Megapod" creates a wide frequency range by combining the "Minipod" loudspeaker with the "Megapod" subwoofer. I was very curious to find out what these sounded like.

Many manufacturers showed off Ipod/MP3 player docking active speaker systems this year. Many of them are designed to give mp3 players a very rich and luxurious sound. Here's a glimpse at some of Boston Acoustics models.