CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


Dynaudio shows off their entry level line of loudspeakers called Audience. They are both affordable and attractive.

This Dynaudio loudspeaker called the Confidence C4 looks so marvelous it appears as a sculpture. The tweeters in this model are housed in a solid aluminum block housing.

This Dynaudio model named "Sapphire" looked absolutely superb. The satin- gloss finish revealed the wood's grain structure as it rotated on its lighted display. $15,000 pair.

Bowers & Wilkin's booth displayed a few different products. Here we see the XT 4 stereo speaker which features an one piece aluminum enclosure. The PV1 subwoofer seen on the floor features an aluminum enclosure and dual drivers. Like all of B&W products this system is highly stylized.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the new Jaguar concept car that features a Bowers and Wilkins surround sound system as an available option. Now if only I could get a review sample.