CEDIA- Thursday and Friday from the Show Floor


Report 1 from Sumit Chawla

Auralex is offering custom printed fabric to cover their acoustic panels. One can either choose a print from their online library or upload a custom image.

Shown here is the Denali HTPC from Niveus. It features passive cooling and is priced at $13.5k. Niveus is also introducing Movie Library, Niveus's version of MyMovies, and a 16-bay storage server based on Windows Home Server. 4/8/16 TB configuration options are available.

Moneual was showing their line of HTPCs. Shown here are the 972 and I*magine units. Purchasing just the enclosure is an option. Both HTPCs feature touchscreen LCDs which can be used to navigate around Media Center. The I*magine will cost $2k.

JL Audio always puts on an impressive demo. Shown this time were their new line of active loudspeakers and in-wall subwoofers. The active loudspeakers could be heard, but not seen last year - they were behind the screen. They are expected to ship sometime in 2009 and expected to retail for $10k each.