CEDIA- Thursday and Friday from the Show Floor


Report from Sandy Bird

Well it seems that the high end SSP manufactures have finally all caught up to the mass market receiver companies this year. Almost ever classic high end SSP manufacture we visited had a unit capable of 1080p scaling, the latest surround formats like TrueHD and DTS-MA and most but not all had some form of room EQ built in.

Some of the processors are licensing know chipsets for their video processing and some are building their own (or at least aren't willing to tell us which ones they are using). On the audio side everyone seems to be doing their own room correction as I didn't see any Audyssey logos on any of the following gear.


Starting at the high end we have Halcro Logic with their 3rd generation SSP the SSP220. It has an MSRP very close to $12000 which isn't cheap.

Some of the key specs are:

  • Multi-channel Linear PCM
  • 7.1 channel balanced inputs and outputs with analog bypass and volume control
  • 7.1 channel unbalanced inputs with selectable unbalanced and balanced outputs
  • 4 special, programmable output channels. Auxiliary Manager for managing additional
  • Channels (channels 9 & 10 for stereo subwoofers, ceiling speakers, etc.)
  • Auto calibration of speaker levels and distances with calibration microphone
  • 1080P 24
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • 1 HDMI output
  • Analogue video conversion

That doesn't mean they have forgotten their amp customers, take a look at this custom paint job on the DM38

B&W Group

Classe which belongs to the B&W Group responded to the market demand of rack mounting their gear. The gear could be rack mounted before, but certainly not as easy as other vendors in the space due to the beautiful curved cases. The new line up (CT Series) of the SSPs and amps have a new case and design which not only enables easier rack mounting, but also serves as an air cooling system that pulls air through the front of the chassis via a temperature controlled fan to keep everything cool. The CT-SSP shares the same specs as the SSP-800 but the amps have a new topology design.

CT Series