CEDIA- Thursday and Friday from the Show Floor


Report 2 from Ross Jones

Scandinavian manufacturer Avielo showed off itshigh-end projector line, including their $65,000 three-chip DLP projector.

In the "mine is bigger" category, Sharp displayed its 108 inch LCD. Yes, it's $150,000, but the bad news is that there is a three-month waiting list.

Sonance, in connection with an Italian designer, put together speakers disguised as high-end lighting fixtures, named Zemi and Omni. Handmade in Italy from ceramic cabinets. Price not available.

Epson displayed its newest projector, the 7500UB, which will replace the 1080UB. It uses the latest generation D7 optical engine, Epson's "UltraBlack" technology with a claimed contrast ration of 75,000:1, Silocon Optix's HQV Reon-VX processor, and anamorphic scaling. Expected to ship in December-January, pricing is not finalized, but should be less than $5,000.

Directv was showing off its new HD DVR's, capable of downloading on-demand 1080p/24fps content.

Velodyne introduced several new product lines at CEDIA, including the Optimum series subwoofers, which are just below the DD series. The Optimum series range from $1,299, $1,699 to $1,899.

Velodyne also introduced the DEQ series (digital EQ), with Class D amplifiers, ranging from $599 to $1,099.

Auralex, maker of acoustic panels, now allows you to cover their panels with your own digital photos, or stock photos including film posters licensed by Auralex from the studios. Called Sonic Print, they come in various sizes from 1' x 1' to 2x4' panels ($199).

3D is the next big thing; Digital Projection had an amazing 3D demo, driving by several of its Titan Reference projectors plus several racks worth of associated equipment.

Sanyo will be introducing its newest 1080p projector, the PLV-Z700 around the end of the year. No literature yet, but it appears to be a slightly tweaked version of the popular Z200, with one major difference: expected MSRP is $1,995, less a $200 manufacturer's rebate.