Remote Controls

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote



Programming and Software

To program any of the Harmony remotes, you use the same process. Simply install the software on the included CD, create an account and start following the wizards.  As with most software, you should probably download the latest version from Harmony before you get started.  The software also has an option to check and update the firmware of the remote, so this should also be done periodically

Logitech Harmony One Remote Control Screen

The wizards to set up the remote are designed to be used by someone with very little experience.  They simply ask you questions about the devices you have and how you do certain functions like "Watch TV" or "Listen to Music".  This is great for someone who has no experience programming a universal remote.  However, for those of us who have spent years programming remotes that are more complicated (and ultimately more flexible), it takes awhile to find all the menus and options to adjust things like the time delay to be set between IR commands or add additional IR signals to be sent to any activity.  Most of the advanced options are present, you just have to look for them.

The best part about the Harmony software is that it allows you to upgrade remotes without having to go though the programming process again.  Simply click the Replace Remote button in the software.

The Harmony One software does have a few different options due to the new button layout, but if you have programmed another Harmony remote, the process to program the Harmony One is identical.