Yamaha RX-V2065 7.1 A/V Receiver with MusicCast System



There were many things that I wanted to try out on the Yamaha MusicCast System, and it came very close to providing me with everything I was after. It had a receiver that was fine at handling movies and music, it was able to provide wireless access to my entire music library around the house, and it had a single remote that allowed me to control everything from one device. Since it was able to do all of these things, that's what makes it disappointing that some of the interface issues made enjoyment of it not quite perfect.

I would like Yamaha to redo their OSD to be 1080p instead of the 480p that it currently is, since text and icons look a little fuzzy, as this could also make it easier to do music playback with a longer list of artists and songs visible onscreen. For the MusicCast Commander remote, the one feature it really needs is a way to quickly scroll through the list of artists and albums in your music collection. It worked wonderfully aside from that complaint, and I'm sure that Yamaha can find a way to improve this in the current or future versions, or possibly do what Sonos has done and develop an iPhone app that can perform the same functions. If you want to have a single, unified system that can be controlled around the house from a single remote, with total access to your music library, the Yamaha MusicCast system can perform that task for you and I can't think of another vendor that can do it in the same way.