Sherwood RD-7503 7.1 A/V Receiver and BT-R7 Bluetooth Adapter



If I have any reservations with the RD-7503 it comes down to documentation. The typical user of this receiver will either be someone new to home theater or someone upgrading from an older product. Given that audience, I would like to see the manufacturers provide enough of an over view so that the consumer can get the system properly installed and operational, and then over time tackle the advanced features and tweaks that the system may offer. While the auto room configuration is one of the greatest strengths of the RD-7503 it should not be buried on page 51 of the owner's manual. The manual should clearly list the Auto Setup function as a step in the setup process. It is briefly mentioned in the section that describes the front panel input jacks, but there is no emphasis placed on how important this feature is to the setup and overall enjoyment of the RD-7503.

I would love to see Sherwood create a dedicated section that helps the consumer configure the RD-7503 once the initial device connections have been made. It should clearly cover the auto speaker setup and it should explain the requirement for an analog connection to view the OSD menus. In conclusion, Sherwood has done a great job incorporating a lot of technology into a modestly priced receiver. The support for HDMI 1.3 repeater functionality allows the receiver to work with any of today's HDMI products and it allows the consumer to enjoy all of the advanced audio formats that come along on the Blu-ray platform. The RD-7503 has more than enough inputs to handle a typical home theater and its ability to auto configure the speaker configuration for your listening room is a major selling point. The RD-7503 was very enjoyable for movies and will be more than sufficient for music for the typical user. The availability of the BT-R7 Bluetooth Adapter is also a distinct advantage that will allow you to make the most of your portable music player. If you are looking for a modestly priced receiver which can handle today's technology, then by all means give the Sherwood RD-7503 a listen.