Rotel RSX-1550 7.1 A/V Receiver



The AVR world is saturated with fully featured receivers from a low $400 to about $1,200. But anyone who wants a bit of longevity and likes to keep components a bit longer and expects the performance to last might consider the buying in the $1,200 to $2,000 range. This is the range where receivers start to compare favorably to separates. Transformers are bigger, binding posts a bit more robust, amplifiers that produce what are published and discretely. The Rotel RSX-1550 is clearly in this group.

My only recommendation for the 1550 would be to amplify those other 2 channels. And I clearly understand Rotel's intention is for the two front main speakers to have a separate and heftier amplifier, preferably a Rotel of course. But I think that to me would justify the price a bit more.

The Rotel RSX-1550 is not for everyone; one of those $800 receivers will give you automatic room EQ, a fancy GUI and a better remote. What you can't get is Rotel's legacy, Rotel's sound and Rotel's quality. It's a keeper!