Pioneer VSX-43 7.1 Elite A/V Receiver


Conclusions about the Pioneer VSX-43 Elite Receiver

Now, I mentioned that the 70's were the "golden age" of audio and in many respects it was. But lately with the plethora of inexpensive DACs, amplifiers, the resurgence of vinyl and awesomely cheap flat panel HDTVs, one could argue that we are entering another gilded age for consumers that are just getting started into A/V. The Pioneer VSX-43 is yet another product that offers oodles of features, good sound quality and convenience all tied together in an elegant package. The more seasoned enthusiast may want to move up to their higher end models, but the VSX-43 will provide most of the features a person will actually need to future proof either a modest sized home theater or a dedicated music room. If streaming is important to you, the VSX-43 should provide you with hours of music listening with a lot of choice stations to pick from. Networking receivers are going to become very common from this point on as all of the other major manufacturers are currently pumping them out as fast as they can. Watching Blu-rays that are mastered in 7.1 audio are also becoming more common and the VSX-43 will still have you covered.

Pioneer has produced a remarkably capable receiver that packs a ton of features and somehow keeps the cost at $500 (I have seen street prices for less). This is a great time to become an A/V nut. Welcome to the new "golden age".