Arcam AVR750 7.1 A/V Receiver


Conclusions about the Arcam AVR750 Receiver

Many people will look at the price tag on the Arcam AVR750 and wonder why it costs so much. When you can go out and buy separates that offer better specs on paper, and more features, it is something one should ask.

To my ears the Arcam AVR750 always sounds wonderful. It does not impose its own character on recordings but instead remains neutral. It sounds great across the full audio spectrum while many receivers may have spectacular bass but ho-hum treble.

On the test bench the AVR750 looks good as well. There is a bit of an issue when using it to drive an external amp, but Arcam has a preamp version if that is what you want to do. It is also impossible to compare it to another product due to using 900mV with analog instead of the full 2V unity gain.

The Arcam AVR750 is a great receiver. It is one of the best sounding receivers I have used to date. Everything I listen to on the Arcam AVR750 sounds superb. The amplifier section performs admirably in my setup though my efficient speakers mean I rarely tap into the Class G section at all. As a single box solution for your home theater needs, the Arcam AVR750 is a wonderful choice that I find myself enjoying much more than I expected to. With a musical sound and a user-friendly design it is a component I can recommend for people to listen to.