Arcam AVR750 7.1 A/V Receiver


The Arcam AVR750 Receiver In Use

I've been wary of Class G amplifiers as every design has an inherent weakness but I do not find that with the Arcam AVR750. From the opening chords of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City to the finale, it just sounds musical. There is nothing overly sharp in the treble or loose in the bass and midrange. The AVR750 maintains complete control over the soundstage at all times. The guitars sounds like guitars and that is a tone many components get wrong but not the Arcam. The sound and ambience of the hall is clear and reproduced well. Using the room correction brings the bass under better control while not causing the performance to slip out of focus.

With the high-energy Monsters University the Arcam does a fantastic job with the surround sound mix. From the sound of Dean Hardscrabble flying around the classroom to Mike and Sully chasing a pig you are immersed inside of the animated world. All the tiny sound effects are audible in the mix while voices are crystal clear.

The soundtrack for Rush is even more impressive. From the opening scene you are right inside of a race car, hurtling around the track at speeds well past 100 MPH. The sound mix is aggressive with a thunderous low end and surrounds that are always in use. With the Arcam AVR750 you never lost cohesion between speakers or wonder where a specific sound is coming from. From raindrops during a race to a terrifying car crash, every detail is there.

The SACD of Wish You Were Here over HDMI provides a similar experience. Through the Arcam AVR750 the subtle sounds of breathing are there as the guitars ring out. The detail fall short of the Yamaha CX-A5000 and Halo A31 combination I last reviewed, but that setup costs more than the Arcam does. It also moves you from the simplicity and ease of a receiver to the more complicated world of separates.

High Resolution downloads can take full advantage of the DACs inside the AVR750. You can stream files to it using the Ethernet jack and an iOS app from Arcam. In use I found the iOS app to be functional but not as easy to use as some controllers. It does get the job done and let me listen to my favorite tracks without needing the normal remote at all.

The Arcam AVR750 sounds fantastic with everything I listen to. From acoustic rock to the loudest action movie, it comes up strong in all situations. Go to Page 4: On The Bench