Denon AVR-5308C1 7.1 A/V Receiver


Remote Controls

The 5308 comes with 2 remotes, the main RC-1067 and the smaller alternate zone RC-1070. The RC-1067 has been refined a bit since first introduced with the Denon AVR-5805 in the RC-995 universal learning Electro-Luminescence. Although the unit is not completely touch-screen with some hard buttons it’s relatively easy to operate and does what its predecessor does; activates by pressing the screen, choosing different sources gives you alternate screens, etc. So I do find it easier to use than the previous model. However there are so many great aftermarket universals out there that I’d recommend that route.

Although I never setup a second zone, I actually find the simplicity and conventionality of the RC-1070 refreshing.

Denon AVR 5308C1 Receiver