Onkyo TX-SR576 7.1 A/V Receiver



Setting up the Onkyo TX-SR576 is relatively straight forward despite having to do it strictly from the front panel (this model does not have an onscreen display). One simply plugs in the included setup microphone and the Onkyo takes care of the rest of the process. The automated setup was spot on with levels and distances, but it set the subwoofer crossover too high for my taste at 150 Hz. After that one needs to dive into the setup menus to assign the HDMI, component video and digital inputs to their respective sources. The Onkyo is very flexible in this respect allowing the user to assign these inputs to any of its six source options.

From Xbox 360 to HD DVD to CD, the Onkyo easily handled all of the material I threw at it. A big, percussive and dynamic soundtrack and a well written story make Iron Man one of my current favorite test discs. The TX-SR576 handled the movie well, creating a detailed and powerful surround experience.  The TX-SR576 was equally impressive with a multichannel PCM input from the HD DVD of The Bourne Ultimatum. The Onkyo also does a nice job with CDs where you can either go with an unprocessed "direct" mode or "stereo" where Audyssey and bass management are engaged. I preferred "stereo" on everything from sparse acoustic arrangements on the Kings of Convenience's Riot on an Empty Street to dense electronic music on Bloc Party's new album, Intimacy. Finally, the Onkyo supported an immersive sound experience during my gaming on the Xbox 360.