SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Three-Chip DLP Projector


The SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Projector In Use

Our opening film was the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek. A good choice as SIM2 informed me that he has one of these projectors himself to use for watching his films. The opening attack sequence looks fantastic with good black levels, even skin tones and amazing levels of detail. Skin tones are clean and accurate and motion resolution is fantastic. Even with the lights up in my room I could still watch and enjoy the film, as the SIM2 is capable of over 45 ftL on my screen in low lamp mode.

Samsara offers a high-resolution, 70mm transfer that is one of the best available on Blu-ray. With the SIM2 SUPER LUMIS I saw something on it that I had never seen before: aliasing. No previous projector that I have used has been able to resolve the fine detail required to show aliasing on this transfer. However seated 10' away from a 122" 2.40 image I could make out this issue. The SUPER LUMIS does not treat flaws and imperfections in your content nicely. It exposes the raw detail of the transfer, warts and all, and doesn't smooth it over.

The dark shots that fill the opening sequence of Drive look wonderful. The contrast ratio in the scene stands out with bright lights reflecting against a dark background. The nighttime hill scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 made it easy to see the detail on everyone that was there. There is nothing that disappeared into a fog or was obscured away.

With the Dynamic Black feature enabled I could see slightly darker blacks but I also could notice when it engaged and disengaged. This was particularly true when watching Argo and you had a scene with jump cuts. If the light level was slightly different between the jump cuts the light level would change more radically with Dynamic Black enabled than it should so I wound up leaving it off.

Pacific Rim boasts a reference quality transfer and almost all of it takes place at night. The giant robot vs. monster battles here jumps off the screen. The image that filled by screen was razor-sharp and all the details are clearly visible. Shadow details are easy to make out and the neon lights of Hong Kong pop off the screen. The beautiful image keeps me watching long past the plot does, a testament to the power of the SUPER LUMIS.

I am not a fan of 3D, and really never have been, but that is mostly due to the technology behind it. If all 3D looked like it does on the SIM2 I would be happy with it. With the triple-flash technology it has a rock-solid image that is free of artifacts and ghosting. The powerful bulb inside allows you to have a 3D image that is bright, punchy, and full of color. Hugo, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2 all looked wonderful in 3D on the SUPER LUMIS.

The most impressive about the SIM2 is the amazing level of sharpness and detail. Every single texture is on display with the utmost detail and nothing obscured. Swapping between the SIM2 and other projectors it is immediately apparent how much sharper the SIM2 is. Even with a 3-chip DLP setup, which can have trouble with alignment, nothing is out-of-place. Combined with the accurate colors and bright image, the SIM2 image is nothing short of amazing.