SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Three-Chip DLP Projector


The Design and Setup of the SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Projector

The SIM2 SUPER LUMIS is a 3-chip DLP that can put out an eye-popping 5,000 lumens. SIM2 offers three different lenses for it, depending on your throw distance. Despite the size and light output, the whole projector has an 18" x 18" footprint. Zoom and focus are electric while vertical lens shift is done on the unit with an Allen key. There is no horizontal lens shift available.

The SUPER LUMIS can switch between six different memories, each of which allows for its own picture settings as well as zoom and focus. The SIM2 can also shift the image up or down on the DLP chips. This allows you to move between a 2.35 and 1.78 image without using a motor for vertical lens shift. The benefits of this are faster shifts between two image settings and a more accurate one due to fewer parts.

Setup of the SIM2 SUPER LUMIS was performed in part by Alberto Fabiano of SIM2. Anyone that buys this projector will have it professionally installed, as you can't go pick it up on Amazon. Once properly positioned for 1.78 and 2.40 support on my Screen Innovations SolarHD 2.40 screen, it is easy to set up the rest of the features. The menu system in the SIM2 provides support for a full range of gamma, white point, and color space settings. Your screen will affect all of these, but you can get very close with no calibration.

Setting up lens memories for the multiple positions took very little time. With focus and zoom being controlled by the remote you can stand at the screen to get it perfect. Rename the source memories and you can access the correct one quite easily.

Other features in the SIM2 SUPER LUMIS include a variable gate that acts like an iris system. For dark scenes it lets in less light to enhance shadow detail and lower black levels. There is a motion interpolation mode for those who enjoy that effect. For 3D is uses the DLP "triple-flash" technology that runs at 144 Hz to allow each eye to see a frame three times.