Samsung SP-A900B Single-Chip 1080p DLP Projector



I was very impressed with the performance of the SP-A900B. All the material I viewed was reproduced with accurate and consistent quality. The generous light output makes this projector suitable for a wide variety of environments. The near-perfect color accuracy means you will see exactly what the director intended no matter what the content. The superior lens delivers a crisp and detailed image with no optical artifacts. The unique calibration procedure makes it easy to maintain that accuracy throughout the life of the product. The only negative here is the price tag. $13,000 is a bit above some other projectors that offer the same color accuracy with better black level performance, greater installation flexibility and motorized lens controls. The Samsung however has few peers in lens quality. Precise optics like this are expensive and the A900 really delivers on that score. There is no question in my mind; this is as much a precise instrument as it is a home theater component; highly recommended!