Runco LS-5 Single-Chip 1080p DLP Projector



Runco has always been known for its high-end, no-compromise designs. They have been an innovator since day one and their projectors have a stellar reputation. The LS-5 represents a new entry-level model for them. In my opinion they have put out an excellent product that more than deserves the Runco label. Color accuracy is excellent right out of the box. Installation is flexible with its two lens choices and generous shift capability. Light output is more than adequate for a small to medium-sized rooms. Optical quality is top-shelf with a very sharp and precise lens. Build quality is also top-of-the-line and rivals a few more expensive projectors I’ve worked with. The LS-5’s control options are also a cut above most with the inclusion of an IR input; something I’ve seen on no other projector. All in all, I’d say Runco has given the market something to think about. If you’re shopping for a projector in the $5,000-$10,000 range, the LS-5 merits serious consideration. I give it a very high recommendation.