Runco LS-10i 3-Chip DLP Projector



It’s pretty evident that I enjoyed my time with the Runco LS-10i. Its prodigious light output altered my perception of what a projected image could be. While the SMPTE standard of 12 fL looks great to me, 33 fL looked better! Even going back to my Anthem projector and bumping it up to around 18 fL was a significant improvement. Having this kind of brightness made image and color detail pop like I’ve never seen. I’ve always looked to get the most light possible from flat panel TVs; now I have the same goal with front projectors. Even in a totally darkened room, the extra punch is really enjoyable and completely non-fatiguing. I like to think it’s all about balance. If you have the proper levels, gamma, and color accuracy, you can turn up the light output higher than you might think.

Of course, a 3-chip DLP like the LS-10i is aimed at those with large theaters having multiple rows of seating and a big screen. With the flexibility of its many lens choices and easy integration into a constant-height anamorphic setup, you have a true Swiss Army knife of projectors. Throw in motorized lens controls, generous lens shift and a complete set of calibration and convenience options and I can’t imagine what feature has been left out. OK, there’s no 3D but the value of that has yet to be determined. With the LS-10i, Runco has produced another winner and receives my highest recommendation.