Runco LightStyle LS-100d DLP LED Projector


Design and Setup of the Runco LightStyle LS-100d Projector

The LS-100d manages to pull off this feat with a specially designed curved mirror that takes the image off the lens and projects it onto the screen.  This design means that the LS-100d lacks any lens zoom or shift controls, as those would not be able to interact with the mirror assembly.  With this setup the LS-100d can provide an image between 84" and 100" in size, depending on how close you are able to place it to your screen.  Focus controls are available, but the design of the LS-100d makes all other lens controls unnecessary.


Providing the image is a DLP chip powered by an LED light engine.  The use of an LED engine means you won't ever have to worry about replacing a bulb over the life of the projector, and the light output should not have a noticeable decrease over time.  It also prevents the dreaded rainbow effect that some people suffer from with DLP-based projectors.  With the recommended 1.0 gain screen, the projector is capable of close to 13 ftL of light off an 84" screen after calibration, and close to twice that with maximum output.


The d at the end of the LS-100d model designation indicates that the image processing controls for the LS-100d is contained in the external DHD4 controller.  The DHD4 has all of the inputs one could require with 4 HDMI, a Component, 3 Composite and 2 YPbPrHV inputs that allow for RGB or Component video.  The DHD4 also has dual HDMI outputs, allowing you to run one to the projector and one to your surround sound processor, allowing the DHD4 to handle all the video and processing.


The DHD4 provides for full video processing, including video scaling and full ISFccc controls for custom installers.  These controls are locked out from users, but allow for ISF Day and Night modes to be setup, and these are unique to every input, allowing the LS-100d to be truly calibrated for every source component to get the best performance.  The initial settings out of the box were very far off the HDTV standards, but once the Rec 709 color gamut is selected in the calibration controls, the settings were nearly spot on without any additional adjustments.  For those that want even better controls, there are full HSL controls available for all six primary and secondary colors, as well as white balance and gamma settings.  Keeping the controls separate from the projector itself makes setup much easier, as you only need to run a pair of cables from the DHD4 to the LS-100d, making a custom install easier.

On that note, the Runco will be sold by a custom installer which will save you a lot of aggravation as the radical mirror assembly means that installation and placement is very hard to get right.  Setting it up with my screen meant getting the height and distance from the screen just right to get a 96" 16:9 image, and then making sure it was not off-axis at all.  Any small alignment issues were very noticeable as it caused a radical shift in geometry.  As such this is a projector you will certainly want to be permanently installed with a screen and not attempt to move from room to room.