Runco LightStyle LS-100d DLP LED Projector


Conclusions About the Runco LightStyle LS-100d Projector

I'm sure some people are still thinking "$19,000 for a projector that only does a 100" image?" but that isn't the reason for the LS-100d to exist.  Some of us can't fit a typical projector into our rooms.  Even if we could afford an 85" or 103" flat panel display it might not physically be able to get into a room or be supported by the wall.  The LS-100d lets you install a true home theater sized screen almost anywhere you want and be able to fill it as long as you have the wall space.

If you have the space for a traditional projector and don't need the optical tricks that Runco uses with the LS-100d, they have plenty of other projectors you can look into.  If you always wanted to have that movie theater in your home, but never had the space to make it work, the LS-100d might be able to solve that for you, and put out an image that looks fantastic.  The Runco LS-100d is a wonderful product that fills a niche of the home theater market very successfully.