Optoma HD8300 3D DLP Projector


Conclusions About the Optoma HD8300 3D DLP Projector

The Highlights

  • Plenty of light output in both 2D and 3D modes
  • Very accurate color and grayscale
  • Optics are among the best I've seen to date
  • Comfortable glasses and an RF emitter make 3D setup a breeze
  • Superb iris control
  • Best frame interpolation I've seen to date
  • Excellent value

My Wish List

  • More range in CMS controls or a closer starting point
  • More vertical lens shift to allow shelf-mounting

I was quite impressed with every aspect of the HD8300's performance. With its well-designed set of picture controls, I was able to achieve near-perfect image accuracy. For a projector in this price range, that's saying something. A projector this good was at least $8,000 only two short years ago. Thanks to a bright image, there's plenty of light for 3D too. With the convenience of Optoma's RF controlled glasses, this is my front-runner for 3D projection right now. Image sharpness was also in the league of much more expensive products. With the latest DarkChip3 DLP imager and a superb lens, Optoma has another winner here. I give the HD8300 my highest recommendation.