Optoma HD8200 Single-chip 1080p DLP Projector



I really enjoyed my time with the HD8200. Its image quality was quite good and it was a pleasure to calibrate. At a price of $4999, I think it compares very favorably with the competition. As long as you plan your installation around an inverted ceiling configuration you’ll have little trouble setting it up. Its generous zoom range and bright lamp make it suitable for many different rooms and screen sizes. The full compliment of image controls makes it very calibration-friendly. My only wish was for a CMS to tame the over-saturated red and green primaries. Despite this, the image was very easy on the eyes. The PureMotion processing is one of the best frame-interpolation systems I’ve seen on any display. Given its feature set and image quality, I’d give the Optoma HD8200 a high recommendation.