Optoma HD33 3D DLP Projector


Conclusions About the Optoma HD33 3D DLP Projector

The Good

  • Grayscale and gamma performance is equal to much more expensive projectors
  • High light output makes for a punchy image and bright 3D
  • No-hassle 3D with zero crosstalk or other artifacts, best I’ve seen to date
  • Excellent lens

The Not So Good

  • Does not display below-black or above-white signals
  • No way to fix green luminance error

To say the HD33 impressed me would be an understatement. Usually I like to say there’s no free lunch but Optoma has served up a quality steak at a fast-food price. With perfect 3D, lots of light, super-accurate grayscale and gamma, and an excellent lens; this projector could anchor a superb home theater. The glasses were not only convenient with their RF connection, they were comfortable too; no matter how long I watched. And at $99 a pair, they undercut most of the competition.

Even if its performance were merely OK, I would recommend the HD33 solely based on value. That it offers as much as projectors costing three or four times more is icing on the cake. If you’re trying to do front-projection on a budget, look no further. Optoma has hit this one out of the park.