Mitsubishi HC8000D-BL 3D DLP Projector


Conclusions about the Mitsubishi HC8000D-BL 3D DLP Projector

The Highlights

  • Super-sharp image with excellent edge-to-edge focus
  • Contrast performance approaches LCoS quality
  • Excellent grayscale and gamma performance
  • No visible 3D crosstalk
  • Compact form factor makes installation easier

My Wish List

  • Greater lens shift would increase installation flexibility
  • CMS adjustments are not enough to correct all color errors
  • Make the glasses larger, lighter, and more comfortable

It seems as though most of my projector reviews start or end with something like, "it's amazing how much prices have fallen on good-performing projectors." Well, it now looks like prices have stabilized but the feature and performance level just keeps going up. Projector manufacturers don't quite operate at the razor-thin profit margins that their television-making counterparts do but there is still tremendous value to be had. It's difficult to recommend a projector costing more than $3000 for a small to medium theater because there are so many good ones that cost less than that. Mitsubishi has brought an excellent product into a relatively crowded marketplace. While the light output lags a little, color accuracy and image quality are up there with the best. Its performance is solid and picture looks fantastic. This is truly the best DLP I've seen to date for contrast. With a black level approaching LCoS territory, you will be very satisfied should you decide to put an HC8000D-BL in your theater.