Optoma HD20 Single-chip 1080p DLP Projector


In Use

HD content was sourced through my Sony PS3 Slim (for Blu-ray) and Motorola HD cable box, which outputs at 1080i. Standard definition DVD was output through an Oppo DV-980H. My first impression of the HD20 was that it put out a surprisingly bright image. I watched several afternoons of NFL football with a large amount of ambient light streaming into the room, and was surprised at the amount of color and contrast on the screen. Obviously, the image was somewhat washed out by the sunlight, but it was quite watchable.

Evenings were mostly reserved for movies, including one of my new favorites, Star Trek. I loved this film, which paid homage to the original series while creating its own characters and telling a story that never lagged. The Optoma created nice colors, a reasonably sharp picture, and fair black levels. I wasn’t expecting a videophile image at $999, but was more than satisfied with the overall picture quality for that price. However, I did experience significant rainbow effects on most films. Two of my family members also noticed it, but my other son did not see them despite whipping his head around like a golden retriever trying to figure out what everyone else was talking about. Curiously, no one saw rainbow effects from cable TV projected on the HD20. If you are sensitive to rainbows, I suggest demo’ing the HD20 in a showroom—your mileage may vary.