Epson Home Cinema 2030 LCD 3D Projector Review


Conclusions about the Epson Home Cinema 2030 LCD 3D Projector


  • Lots of light output
  • MHL and USB inputs provide streaming capability
  • Clear, sharp image
  • Excellent 3D performance
  • Accurate color and grayscale
  • Super-portable


  • Small zoom range and no lens shift
  • Loud iris operation
  • Not-so-great black levels
  • Non-backlit remote
  • No gamma control

Obviously the Home Cinema 2030 is not designed for a high-performance home theater. Its low contrast and high black levels move it out of that category; but that isn't Epson's intent. With easy portability, a fantastic array of input options, and tons of light output; this is a projector you can plop on a coffee table or even set up outside for a drive-in movie experience. It's super-easy to watch your content on the big screen with only a smartphone or streaming stick. And the built-in speaker means there's another component you won't have to carry.

I've always been a fan of Epson's products. They offer tremendous value and performance for the money. The HC2030 was my first opportunity to try one of their low-priced models and I came away impressed. I could see taking this projector on a trip and using it for a relaxing movie night in an otherwise boring hotel room. And if you're a fan of 3D, its brightness and non-existent crosstalk make it one of the best 3D displays I've seen to date; including flat panels.

Obviously to sell the Home Cinema 2030 for $900, a few things had to be left out. But those features are more than made up for with tremendous light output and flexible connection options that you probably won't find on most high-end models. If you're dying to try the big-screen experience and don't want to spend a lot of money or build a dedicated theater, look no further; highly recommended.