DreamVision Dream'E 1080p LCoS Projector



It’s obvious as soon as you unpack the Dream’E that it is a well-made piece of equipment. The case is made of very hard and thick plastic and finished in a high-gloss automotive-style finish. My sample was white but it comes in black, red, yellow, or custom colors as well. There are three large rubber feet which are independently adjustable. This is very nice as it allows you to level the projector perfectly if you use a shelf. I prefer shelf mounting because it’s easier to get the image geometry exactly right. Three different power cords are included which conform to US and foreign power outlets. The case has large intake vents on either side of the lens with an exhaust at the rear. DreamVision recommends at least four inches of clearance in back to allow heat to escape.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

There are buttons on the rear of the projector to turn on the power, toggle between inputs and navigate the on-screen menus. There are also indicator lights for power, temperature fan and status. The remote is backlit and contains all the necessary controls to select inputs, picture modes, and overscan. You can also blank the image, change the aspect ratio, toggle the Detail Enhancement, and adjust the iris. Menu navigation and discrete power on/off controls round out the control set. There are infrared receivers on the front and rear of the projector housing making the Dream’E very responsive to the remote.

DreamVision is one of only a few manufacturers to offer add-on anamorphic lens kits for its projector. It’s nice to have this option rather than going with a third-party solution. DreamVision’s kits include a fixed setup where the lens stays in place permanently or a sled mount where the lens can be moved in and out of the light path via remote control. Of particular note – DreamVision is the only projector company I know of to offer a turn-key anamorphic lens solution for under $10,000. The total system price with a Panamorph lens is $9595. A Schneider lens/Dream 4 Scaler package is also available at a system price of $19,290.