BenQ W7500 Single-Chip DLP Projector


Conclusions about the BenQ W7500 Projector


  • Excellent accuracy and video performance
  • Prodigious light output
  • Bright and crosstalk-free 3D
  • Generous lens shift
  • Super-quiet fan
  • Lots of calibration options including CCA and ISF modes


  • Lens optics are a tad soft
  • CMS and gamma interact making calibration a little more difficult
  • So-so black levels

Whenever I review a DLP projector, I find myself in a self-debate. I absolutely adore the high contrast and smooth image from my LCoS projector; but I'm also drawn to the sharp bright picture that comes from DLP. And the motion processing is noticeably smoother and more natural than the blur and judder inherent in LCD and LCoS designs.

As I said at the beginning, no projector is perfect. You have to choose the one that checks most of your personal boxes. There will always be compromise. For me, contrast is king so I'm drawn to LCoS. But if you're looking for high brightness, good 3D, sharp detail, and saturated color, DLP might be your ticket.

There are DLP models in every price bracket and BenQ has filled the sub-$3000 category nicely. In a market dominated by LCD, the W7500 brings more light, better 3D, better screen uniformity, and excellent installation flexibility. The DLP-link glasses are super-convenient and inexpensive when compared to their IR-controlled counterparts. Coupled with an excellent remote and lots of calibration tools, this projector bears serious consideration.

And did I mention the accuracy? The W7500 put up some great numbers in my tests with invisible errors in all categories. And its gamma tracking was some of the best I've seen in a while. I would have to say BenQ has made great strides in all aspects of image quality with the W7500. The only mountain left for it to climb is contrast. Those seeking super-low black levels may need to look elsewhere. But if you want to have the lights on, this projector has no equal at this price point.

It's difficult to make absolute recommendations for projectors. It's more important that you select the right tool for the job. If you want quality 3D, lots of light, accurate color, and ease of installation, then the W7500 is for you. Highly recommended.