BenQ W1200 1080p Single-Chip DLP Projector


Conclusions About the BenQ W1200 DLP Projector

The Good

  • Terrific value
  • Full and operational color management system
  • Very accurate color, grayscale and gamma
  • Excellent lens produces a bright, sharp image
  • Decent video processing

The Not So Good

  • Mediocre black levels
  • Undefeatable edge enhancement in RGB mode

This is the second budget projector in a row that has impressed me. It's amazing how far technology has come in this category. While I will always gravitate to the more expensive models thanks to my nit-picking videophile sensibilities, the W1200 will satisfy anyone looking to go beyond their 50-inch flat-panel into the world of front projection. Image accuracy is no longer exclusive to expensive models and a bright, saturated picture can now be had for less than the price of a good plasma television. If you don't want to have a dedicated room, all you need is a disc player and a roll-up screen for instant big-screen fun thanks to the included speakers. With a solid and complete feature set and excellent image accuracy, I give the BenQ W1200 a confident two thumbs up.