Rotel RSP-1570 A/V Processor



Rotel RSP 1570

In my system, the RSP-1570 was connected to a 5ch Rotel RMB-1085 powering Raw Acoustics OB3x's in the front, Raw Acoustics OB2x's in the rear and a Paradigm CC330 center. All bass from 60Hz and down was directed to a Velodyne in-ceiling 12" subwoofer with built in room correction. For SD DVD and SACD I used an Oppo 981-HD, and my HTPC handled music and HD video. All video was sent from the Rotel via HDMI to an Optoma HD 200x 1080p projector.

Sadly they did not make any change to either the OSD or the remote control and both seem stuck in the 1990's. There are two ways of configuring the options, either through the menu or a computer interface, yet there is still no way to configure anything using only the processor's display. The rear panel bi-directional RS-232 ports finally support a computer setup menu and allows to you configure all the options on one screen. You need a Serial-Ethernet cable, which should be in your box or with your local dealer. Oh and you need a serial port on your computer, remember those? Connecting through your computer allows you to configure everything that you could using the main menu. This includes crossover points for different surround formats, assigning the 12v triggers, and setting the speaker levels. You can configure the input names and connections. For example, with my HTPC I renamed the Video3 input to Computer, Audio set to HDMI and Video set to HDMI 1.