NAD T 187 7.1 A/V Processor & T 975 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier


Conclusions about the NAD T 187 Surround Processor & T 975 7-channel Power Amplifier

I really enjoyed my time with the NAD T 187/T 975 combo. I’ve never needed most of the features offered in today’s receivers and processors so I appreciated NAD’s simple and efficient approach to sound reproduction. For music, these separates are among the best. Whether in surround mode or two-channel, the rich dynamics and wonderful separation of instruments was my favorite thing to listen to. The choice of different Audyssey correction curves was extremely cool too. And kudos for one of the best OEM remotes ever!

When audiophiles shop for multi-channel separates, the choices are quite limited compared to the sheer volume of receivers available. And it’s easy to spend ridiculous money to put good surround sound in your home. Thanks to NAD, we now have an affordable alternative that performs on par with the best gear out there. The T 187 and T 975 separates earn my highest recommendation.