Funk LAP-2.V3 Preamplifier


Conclusions about the Funk LAP-2.V3 Preamplifier

The Funk LAP-2.V3 is an interesting product. From a subjective listening standpoint, it is very good as an active preamp albeit one that overloaded when driven hard. When driven within its limits, the sound I obtained was fantastic, with nothing added and nothing taken away.

This really struck me one evening as I was reviewing the Blu-ray of Pitch Perfect. This movie is about the collegiate acapella singing scene. The little Funk preamp was so clean and extended, with such excellent phase linearity, that I just couldn't believe I was listening to a recording. It really did open the window and let me feel that the singers were right there in the room with me. In all honesty, it was a breathtaking experience. This preamp's excellent performance is reflected in its bench test measurements. These show distortion and roll off characteristics that are several orders of magnitude below the threshold of human hearing.

Funk put their resources into the buffering amp and the matrix switch. This is the meat and potatoes for a product like this, and so I can't argue with that aspect of the design. I personally wished they had a better headphone amp. I would also like to see a remote control for home users. The unit has four tape loops. I wish they would cut that down to one or two. They could use the cost savings to improve the power supply and headphone driver while including additional CMOS switching to mute the active recorder and avoid one potential avenue for feedback.

My final thought is that this product is a decent linestage with some good design decisions in many areas but driving the IC's at their maximum voltage might cause reliability problems. Funk is on the right track with this design, but a few design and implementation tweaks are necessary in order for this unit to garner a blanket recommendation.