Parasound Halo P7 Preamplifier



To achieve this the P 7 has a multitude of inputs: Phono (MM or MC), 6 unbalanced stereo inputs, 1 balanced stereo input, two multichannel (7.1) unbalanced inputs and a stereo mini jack for your ipod on the front panel. Outputs are 7.1 balanced or unbalanced. The multichannel inputs can be connected to line level sources (the multichannel output of your DVD player) or the multichannel outputs of your existing pre-pro.

Parasound Halo P7 Preamplifier

When I had the P 7 in my home theater system I ran the 5.1 output of my Cambridge Azur 540 DVD player straight to the P 7 but I had the option of continuing to use my Arcam Av7 as a preprocessor and running its preamplified outputs into the P 7, using bypass mode for multichannel. Are you starting to see the possibilities here? Or getting confused? Look at it this way: Got a two channel amp that you want to continue to use as part of your home theater system? No problem. Want to use your existing pre-pro but it doesn't have a line level output? No problem. Want to just skip the whole pre-pro business because your DVD player already decodes all the audio formats just fine thank you, ok then. Want to add a turntable and plug it into a kick ass phono stage? Now you're talkin'.

The P 7 has two buttons and a knob. One button is On/Off, the other selects the function of the knob. The knob's default function is volume. Press the button below it and the knob becomes the input select. Could not be more simple, didn't even need the manual for that part. Further presses of that button will get still more functions for the knob such as Bass/Treble but I relied on the remote for those.