Power Conditioners

Electric Bamboo AC Line Purifier




This leads me to postulate why some people like the Electric Bamboo as much as they do. If interconnects, source components, and/or speakers tend toward the bright and edgy, my hunch is that the Electric Bamboo may very well make a system sound “better” than power conditioners that do not filter the sound as much as the Electric Bamboo seems to do. But in a system whose components and interconnects are basically balanced and listenable from the get-go, the Electric Bamboo may very well have a negative effect.

I would also venture to guess that folks who have low-powered SET amps and/or speakers that tend to be strongest in the midrange rather than on high or low may be pleased by the warmth the Electric Bamboo can impart to the midrange. Similarly, those with Class D amplifiers that tend to blanche the sound may appreciate the homogenizing warmth the Electric Bamboo lends to the sound.

Finally, I note that my speakers not only have Bybee devices in them, but also use external Bybee Golden Goddess speaker bullets. The combination greatly lowers the noise floor, enabling me to hear details that other systems mask. The more I can hear to begin with, the more I notice what is altered or taken away.

JASON VICTOR SERINUS REFERENCE SYSTEM Digital Front End Theta Carmen II CD/DVD transport Theta Gen VIII Series 2 DAC/Preamp (Benchmark USB DAC-1 when Apple Titanium Powerbook is in use on the main system)

Amplification VTL 450W tube monoblock prototypes with KT-88 tubes Jadis DA-7 Luxe with GE 5751 Jan and Jan Philips 5814A tubes and cable from Pierre Gabriel

Loudspeakers Talon Khorus X speakers MK. III (with latest upgrade and Bybee Quantum Noise Purifiers) Bybee Golden Goddess Super Effect Speaker Bullets

Cabling Nordost Valhalla single-ended and balanced interconnects Nordost Valhalla balanced digital interconnects Nordost Valhalla bi-wired speaker cable Nordost Valhalla Power Cables Elrod EPS-2 Signature power cables

Power Nordost Thor Power Distribution System IsoClean or other audiophile grade fuses in most components Dedicated line for system

Analog Clearaudio Emotion turntable with Satisfy arm Soundsmith “The Voice” phono cartridge Benz MC-Gold phono cartridge Classe 6 phono preamp with better umbilical cord Symposium Platform under turntable

Accessories Finite Elemente Cerapuc supports Ganymede ball bearing supports Michael Green brass Audiopoints Audiophile grade fuses in all equipment. Acoustic Resonators Michael Green Deluxe Ultrarack, Basic Racks and Corner Tunes Shakti stones on transport, DAC, amps, etc. Four Shakti Hallographs Echo Buster and Corner Busters Bedini Quadra Beam and Dual Beam Ultraclarifiers Marigo Signature 3-D Mat v2; Ayre demagnetizing CD Various CD sprays

Main System Room Dimensions Living room is 24.5’ deep, 21.4’ wide in the listening area. It’s big enough to accommodate 16 members of the Bay Area Audiophile Society, positioned in four rows of four seats each. The distance from the front door to the end of the dining room is 37’. Sound extends far to the left and right of the speakers thanks to an 8.33’ wide archway into the dining room opposite the right channel speaker. Ceilings are 9’ high with heavy wooden crossbeams, each 17” in height. Heavy curtains cover windows behind the sound system. Floors are hardwood and carpet in front of the system, and hardwood elsewhere. Walls in the living room are a combination of plaster and wood, with a large granite fireplace in the rear. The dining room is all plaster. There is RoomTune and Echo buster treatment in corners, and either an Echo Buster or heavy tapestry at the two side wall first order reflection points.