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Electric Bamboo AC Line Purifier

Electric Bamboo AC Line Purifier


The gloves were off, and the gauntlet thrown. On May 26, 2008, Jim Pierce of Amazing Audio sent me a major challenge via email.

Jim and his distributor, David Kalin, had recently visited Casa Bellecci-Serinus to attend the Bay Area Audiophile Society’s (BAAS) first public demo of Reference Recordings’ bit-for-bit, high-resolution HRx DVDs. Here, they saw that my system included the Nordost Thor power distribution center and conditioner. This prompted them to write:

After reading your excellent review in Secrets of HT and High Fidelity on the Nordost Thor, I realized that you truly appreciate what the excellent Nordost Thor LC can do for a well-designed audio system. We here at Amazing Audio are positive that our Electric Bamboo Line Purifier will be as much better than the Nordost Thor as the Thor is to your EP-15A. We have had the opportunity to compare our "EB" to the Nordost Thor, Exact Power, Electro Clear, By Bee [sic], Audio Magic, PS Audio and others in several high-end systems. It consistently out performed each of them. The reason it can do much more than any of these fine machines is because its circuit design is unique and revolutionary, going where no other manufacture has gone before.

We are asking you to please give it a listen and give us your evaluation. You are the first reviewer we have approached because we believe that you have the listening skills to hear the amazing power of the "EB" and have the uncanny ability to describe in words what this extraordinary component does in a great audio system. We also discovered that you are fearless as to what others think of you honest opinions on an audio product.


  • 8 Grounded Outlets - 4 Digital - 4 Analog
  • 100% Passive Design Hubble Isolated Ground Receptacles
  • 110V - 120V Operation
  • Output Limits: 1650 Watts
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 13"W x 7.5"D
  • Weight: 18 Pounds
  • MSRP: $2,995; Introductory Price: $2,195.00
  • Amazing Audio

The challenge was tempting. Given that Amazing Audio is located in the South Bay, less than an hour from my home, it was easy for Jim and David to bring over a unit. Knowing that Bob Walters, the new, extremely dedicated coordinator of BAAS, had not only installed an Electric Bamboo in his own system, but had also used it in more than one BAAS demo, provided extra incentive. Besides, I like to test my ears.

I soon decided to engage in a three-way power treatment experiment. Having once used the PS Audio P600 Power Plant as my power source, I asked Paul McGowan of PS Audio to send me his Power Plant Premier for review. Paul sent two, one for each of my loaner VTL 450 monoblocks. I was thus equipped to compare the Electric Bamboo to two entirely different units, one a power regenerator which can only output a certain amount of current, the other the Nordost Thor. The manufacturers of the Thor and Electric Bamboo claim that neither unit limits current.

I have since devoted multiple extended listening sessions to the Electric Bamboo. One, which included Bob Walters and Ori Mizrahi-Shalom of BAAS, involved extended comparisons between all three units. The most recent, conducted in the presence of David Kalin, involved extended comparisons between the Thor and Electric Bamboo while switching back and forth between two radically different-sounding sets of cables. (I explain why below).