Power Amplifiers

Pass Labs XA30.5 Stereo Power Amplifier



If you have a speaker with 90 dB/W/m sensitivity or greater, the XA30.5 may be the best amplifier available. It has everything you need, without excess. Some people may not be convinced. They might think they NEED more than 30 W of class A power. They would be wrong. The XA30.5 might just be the perfect amp for any moderately sensitive speaker. They deliver incredible smoothness and liquidity throughout the frequency band, with no limitations in dynamics or frequency extension. For my Gallos, I think I'd want the XA60.5, but they are more than twice as expensive as the XA30.5. With the Gallos, only the bass macrodynamics see any limitation. For many owners, this may not be an issue. This amp is definitely a spectacular value. If you have the right speakers, the XA30.5 will deliver world-class performance for a fairly reasonable price, at least when compared to any competition that could equal them. The question is, will your ego allow you to buy this amp and not have "size" issues? If you let your brain drive your decision rather than other equipment, this amp will be where you end up.