Power Amplifiers

Mystere pa21 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier



Tube amplifiers have made their comeback, and if you are a "Retro" kind of person, or just someone looking to go back to a full-bodied tube sound, the Mysterè pa21 is your kind of product. It's beautiful to look at (the soft glow of the filaments in the evening adds to that peaceful sensation), reasonably priced, and delivers everything you might expect and desire from a tube amplifier.

The amp compares favorably with my reference units, but I play music very loud in many situations and I use speakers that are not very efficient, so I have to use amps with a lot more power, i.e., 1200 watt monoblocks. But the Mysterè has a sound of its own. I found it to be extremely pleasant to listen to in the evening, at low/moderate volume, while I was reading. You know, the glass of wine, fireplace going, cat on my lap kind of evenings. And this is the first June I have lived in California where I needed to use the fireplace. What is it with this weather?