Power Amplifiers

Emotiva UPA-5 Five-Channel Power Amplifier



Since I started reviewing for Secrets, other Secrets writers had told me nothing but good things about Emotiva products that they had reviewed, and many had bought other Emotiva products as well. I can safely say I understand why they were so fond of the company. Their UPA-5 amplifier made a huge difference in the quality of sound from my receiver, and brought out the best from my speakers and all of my other components. Moving to a separate amp also let me setup the path to upgrade from a receiver to a separate processor in the future, though it also now has me wondering just how much difference moving up to a better amp, such as Emotiva's XPA-2 for my front speakers, might make.

Chances are if you have a receiver that wasn't a top of the line model, it might have an amplifier section that is underpowered and holding back the performance of your speakers. Adding an external amp isn't about playing louder, but playing back more clearly, with all of the detail, and depth, that is recorded in the music or on the soundtrack. Adding the UPA-5 onto your system is a fantastic way to get the most out of the equipment you already have, takes no time to setup, and provided me with fantastic results and a nice system upgrade path for the future. Highly recommended for anyone looking to add a home theater amplifier.