Power Amplifiers

Emotiva UPA-5 Five-Channel Power Amplifier



Thankfully, an amplifier is as easy a setup as you can get for a new piece of home theater equipment. I simply ran 5 RCA cables from my receiver Pre-outs into the 5 channels of the UPA-5, moved the speakers cables over as well, and then turned on the UPA-5. If you don't want to leave the UPA-5 on all the time you can use the 12V trigger on the UPA-5 and turn it on from the 12V trigger output on your SSP or receiver. My receiver has a 12V output, but it's only for Zone2 and not for the main Zone unfortunately. It did allow me to test and verify that the 12V trigger did work as advertised, however, but I just chose to leave it on all the time. The only other option you have with the UPA-5 is a switch on the rear panel to turn the front lights on or off, so setup can really take you 5 minutes. I did re-run Audyssey on my receiver after I was finished, just in case it caused any changes that needed to be accounted for, but I didn't notice any when I looked at the results after it completed.