Power Amplifiers

Earthquake Sound Cinenova 7 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier


In Use

I tested the Cinénova 7 with an OPPO BDP-95 universal player, Anthem D2v SSP, Carver Mark IV ribbon speakers, and Final Sound electrostatic speakers. Cables were Marc Audio and Emotiva.

Frankly, this amplifier delivered plenty of loudness, despite it not being as powerful as its big brother, the Cinénova Grande 7. The bench tests show why, namely, that it puts out more power than specified.

In this SACD, Erich Kunzel directs the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, playing one of my favorite pieces, Fanfare for the Common Man, by Copland. It's not the same recording that he did decades ago, and which I still prefer, even though it is not multi-channel. Nevertheless, in surround sound, the Cinénova 7 handled it with aplomb, and if you are familiar with the piece, you know I am referring to the bass drum. It did not clip, even with my electrostatic speakers.


Jane Monheit sounds a bit like Linda Ronstadt, and in this 24/96 DVD-A recording, she and her jazz ensemble made me want to ask a waiter to bring me a glass of Chardonnay, and leave the bottle. Throaty, but not chesty or sibilant. That's the way I enjoy hearing a female jazz singer like Jane.


Mozart in the afternoon, with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. Horns are brass instruments, but they should sound like brass, not "brassy". Through the Cinénova 7, they sounded like brass. Clean, bright, detailed, musical.


The 2 ohm rating will be very useful if you have multiple speaker setups in different rooms. If so, they should all be 8 ohm speakers, and you would need a speaker selector that allows you to connect the speaker binding posts of the power amplifier to more than one set of speakers. So, let's say you have a 7.1 setup in your home theater, and a pair of speakers in the dining room and family room. For a dinner party, you could stereo music playing in the home theater, while the two pairs of speakers in the other rooms are also playing the music. That is what a 2 ohm rating can do for you, and it is why this amplifier is more expensive than some seven-channel power amplifiers. Custom installers will find this product extremely useful, and their customers will be very happy with the results.