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Burson Soloist Headphone Amplifier


Conclusions about the Burson Soloist Headphone Amplifier

Unfortunately, I missed the boat with the Burson HA-160, but given the feedback it received, I knew I was in for a treat with the new Soloist. Its fit and finish are top notch; going above and beyond what you would normally see in a headphone amplifier. Its Variable Output Stage makes the Soloist a versatile amp as it allows for it to handle highly sensitive headphones as well as load-demanding planar magnetic cans. Even with the power hungry HiFiMAN HE6 the sound was dynamic, full, precise, and, most of all, musical. From its high-end build quality to its sinuous sound and low noise floor, the Burson Soloist delivers on all fronts and it easily fulfilled my expectations from a $999 headphone amp.