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Bryston 4B SST2 Stereo Power Amplifier


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Shall I just cut to the chase and say the 4B SST2 sounded great? OK maybe a little more detailed praise is required. However, in my defense, even my wife whose normal response to new gear is "sounds nice" commented on how she enjoyed the Bryston. As is my common practice, I was bouncing through different musical genres as part of my review process. When my wife walked in, I happened to be

Jonny Lang - Lie To Me

Listening to "Darker Side" by Blues Prodigy Jonny Lang. This is track 2 from his Lie to Me album. "Darker Side" features a drum kit, piano and of course Jonny's Guitar and vocals. Her description of this track was "smooth, clear and precise even with this gritty voice". I agree. It sounded like the band was in the room with us. The piano notes were sharply defined and sounded just like the piano I was forced to play growing up. The bass notes from the drum kit struck quickly and were tightly controlled. Higher frequencies were clearly reproduced, the cymbals for the drum kit sounded sharp and decayed naturally.

Finally, what struck me was how intelligible everything was on the track. All the nuances from the various instruments to Jonny's voice were easy to pick out.

As noted earlier, I moved through a number of genres and artists while listening to the 4B SST2. I stopped at some songs that I was intimately familiar though may be new to you such as "The Company", track 4 from Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors by Fish (no, not Phish). This dramatic sing along 'bar song' sounded almost new to my ears with this setup.

Fish - Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors

I also spent time listening to an artist almost everyone knew, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

With his recent death I went back to listen to some of his greatest hits from the Thriller and Bad albums. Maybe its just nostalgia, but the catchy beats on "Billy Jean", "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal" etc. sounded even better that they did on my first 100 dollar Fisher boom box in the 80s – if you can believe it. I pushed the Bryston hard with these tracks at ear splitting and wall shaking volume levels. With the house itself keeping the beat, the Bryston handled Michael with aplomb, just barely warming up. Hearing and enjoying these familiar songs on a system better than any other I have owned, thanks to the Bryston 4B SST2, was my own small tribute to Michael's influence on today's music.